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A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics - Groups, Hilbert Spaces and Diff. Geom. - P. Szekeres.djvu 28-Jul-2007 16:06 6.7M A Guided Tour of Mathematical Physics - Roel Snieder.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:07 1.7M Applied Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics - Masujima M..pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:13 1.5M Bayes, Boltzmann and Bohm - Probabilities in Physics - J. Bricmont.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:16 1.7M Calculus Of Variations With Applications To Physics & Engineering - R. Weinstock.djv 28-Jul-2007 15:23 2.8M Chaos - Classical and Quantum - P. Civitanovic.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:07 9.9M Chaos and Structures in Geophysics and Astrophysics - Provenzale & Balmforth.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:29 4.0M Determinants and their applications in mathematical physics - Vein R., Dale P..pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:37 1.7M Differential Geometry - Analysis and Physics - J. Lee.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:42 9.4M Entropy and partial differential equations - Evans L.C..pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:06 1.0M Equations of Mathematical Physics - Bitsadze A.V..djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:05 2.0M From calculus to chaos - Acheson.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:15 2.3M Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis - G. Collins.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:27 4.7M Geometric Algebra and its Application to Mathematical Physics - C. Doran.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:23 1.0M Geometry, Topology and Physics - M.Nakahara.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:02 24M HIGH-ORDER ACCURATE METHODS FOR MAXWELL EQUATIONS - Kashdan.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:49 2.4M Homological Methods in Equations of Mathematical Physics-J.Krasil'schchik.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:49 1.0M Iintroduction to Groups, Invariants and Particles - F. Kirk.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:43 380K Math methods in physics and engineering with Mathematica - F. Cap.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:43 1.8M Mathematical Methods for Physicists - a Concise Introduction - T. Chow.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:48 5.6M Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed. - V.I. Arnold.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:51 4.0M Mathematical Models in Isotope Hydrogeology - Iaea.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:57 15M Mathematical Tools for Physics - J. Nearing.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:58 2.9M Mathematical methods for physics and engineering - Riley, Hobson.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:38 8.3M Mathematical topics between classical and quantum mechanics - Landsman N.P..djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:13 5.7M Methods for Solving Inverse Problems in Mathematical Physics - Prilepko, Orlovskiy.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:16 17M Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics Vol 1 - Functional Analysis 2nd. ed. - M. Reed.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:54 9.3M Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics Vol 2 - Fourier Analysis, Self Adjointness - 2nd ed., - M. Reed.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:17 7.1M Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics Vol 3 - Scattering Theory - M. Reed.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:35 7.0M Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics Vol 4 - Analysis of Operators - M. Reed.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:22 8.2M Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists 2nd ed., - C. Isham.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:22 15M Nonlinear Physics with Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers - R. Ennis, G. McGuire.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:24 36M Numerical Quantum Dynamics - W. Schweizer.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:24 3.1M Path Integrals in Physics Volume 1 Stochastic Process & Quantum Mechanics - M. Chaichian, A. Demichev.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:24 2.8M Path integrals and their applications in quantum, statistical, and solid state physics - Papadopoulos , J. T. Devreese.djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:24 2.8M Path integrals in physics, vol.2. QFT, statistical physics and modern applications - Chaichian M., Demichev A..pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:24 2.6M Probability Statistical Opticts and Data Testing - Verlag.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:59 76M Quantum Geometry - A Statistical Field Theory Approach - Ambje, Durhuus B., Jonsson T.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:30 15M Singularities of solutions to equations of mathematical physics - Mazija, Kozlov..pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:27 2.1M Spacetime Calculus - with applications - D. Hestenes.djv 28-Jul-2007 14:28 483K String Theory And Noncommutative Geometry - Nathan Seiberg And Edward Witten.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:28 768K Supersymmetric methods in quantum and statistical physics - Junker G..djvu 28-Jul-2007 14:28 1.5M The Fourier Transform And Its Applications - Bracewell.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:15 128M The Mathematical Beauty of Physics - World Scientific -.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:16 31M Topics in Mathematical Physics - Victor Palamodov.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:55 2.3M Topology & Geometry in Physics - Steffen.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:55 2.1M Topology and Geometry for Physicists - C. Nash, S. Sen.djv 28-Jul-2007 14:35 2.0M Twistor Geometry, Supersymmetric Field Theories in Supertring Theory - C. Samann.pdf 28-Jul-2007 14:35 3.5M
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