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Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases - Pethick C.J., Smith H..pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:46 2.1M Concepts of theoretical solid state physics - Altland, Simons.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:46 3.8M Electrodynamics Of Solids - Dressel, Gruner.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:46 3.7M Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures - singh.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:49 11M Elementary Condensed Matter Physics - Neto.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:00 5.3M Fundamentals Of Plasma Physics - Paul M. Bellan.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:59 4.9M Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter Vol 1 - H. Kleinert/ 28-Jul-2007 11:20 - Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter Vol 2 - H. Kleinert/ 28-Jul-2007 11:20 - Introduction To Modern Solid State Physics - Y. Galperin.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:12 4.5M Introduction to Solid State Physics 7th edition- Kittel, Charles.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:52 13M Many-Particle Physics 2d ed - Mahan G D.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:52 8.3M Particle And Nuclear Physics - Niels Walet.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:52 2.8M Quantum statistical theory of superconductivity - Fujita S., Godoy S..pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:52 3.1M Semiconductor Physics And Devices 3rd ed. - J. Neamen.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:57 63M Semiconductors for Micro and Nanotechnology An Introduction for Engineers -Korvink J. G., Greiner A..pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:57 9.6M Solid State Physics - Ashcroft, Neil W, Mermin, David N.djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:59 11M Solid state physics problems and solutions - Mihaly L., Martin M.C..djvu 28-Jul-2007 15:59 1.8M The Fourth State Of Matter An Introduction To Plasma Science - eliezer.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:59 1.8M The Structure Of Matter - Mulders.pdf 28-Jul-2007 16:00 2.0M Theory of Dislocations 2nd ed., - J. Hirth, J. Lothe.djvu 28-Jul-2007 16:01 12M introduction to plasma physics graduate level course - Fitzpatrick.pdf 28-Jul-2007 15:51 1.8M
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